Suzanne Bowman couldn’t find the perfect gift basket for her childhood friend’s first baby. She wanted it to be personal and unique, unlike anything else out there—but she couldn’t find the perfect thing. So she combined a galvanized bucket with burlap fabric, and added the baby’s monogram to create her own perfect thing for someone so dear to her. According to Suzanne, when it comes to gift giving in the South, presentation is as important as the gift itself. Out of that passion for uniqueness came A Southern Bucket, a company dedicated to making the perfect gifts for everyone dear to you.

She began in her mother’s guest bedroom making baskets for her friends and family who’d seen her thoughtful, handmade gift and wanted one of their own. As the demand for her craftsmanship grew, she had to move into her mom’s garage, and eventually into her own space, dedicated to her ideas. She invited women who shared her passions to help with that growth, and with them created A Southern Bucket.

Her mom provided unconditional love, support, and advice as Suzanne grew her business. Being an entrepreneur herself, her mom always remained her hero and inspiration through the expansion of A Southern Bucket.

Suzanne gives back to her Southern community by making her products locally and only employing people with a love for elegant decor and detailed craftsmanship. Her fabric baskets are handcrafted in North Carolina from start to finish, and each piece is designed with personalization options, so they’re all tailored to fit each customer’s living spaces.

Since its first conception, A Southern Bucket has grown into a place for nearly everything in your home. From the original personalized baskets, to closet organizers, wine displays, laundry baskets, and baskets for your pet’s favorite toys, Suzanne has made it possible to give everyone in your life a unique and thoughtful gift.

Suzanne’s and her team’s products can be found on Amazon and Houzz as well as the original website, so they’re always within reach. Whether you love French vintage or elegant industrial decor, buying locally, or gifting things you can’t find anywhere else, A Southern Bucket has something unique for your friends and family.