Hunker Bag Co.Like most great makers, Denton Hunker saw a need and decided to create the solution himself. As someone who has to transition from traveling in a band, to running a business, to taking his wife out with friends, Denton wanted to make a collection of bags that would fit well with any occasion, leaving him prepared and looking great no matter what his day brings. Thus, Hunker Bag Co. was born.

Founded in Nashville, Tennessee, Denton Hunker and his team have been creating an exclusive range of handcrafted leather and waxed canvas bags since 2015. According to Denton, his father, Andy, taught him from an early age to follow his dreams and instilled in in him a deep understanding of hard work. That work ethic is evident in the product he creates. Each bag is designed, tested, cut, sewn to order, and packaged in Denton’s East Nashville studio, using only ethically sourced materials. The bags are made in small batches and are luxurious, functional, unique, and trendy.

Like most good things in life, Hunker Bag Co. bags are well worth the wait. While it may make some extra time to receive one of these handcrafted bags, there’s no doubt that you’ll encounter a sense of joy and appreciation for what it takes to make your bag once it arrives. Best of all, these bags are designed to last a lifetime and to grow in character and meaning for the owner over the years. Once you receive it, we have no doubt that it will be something you treasure for a lifetime.