OAK Nashville began in Ginny Pope’s garage in 2011, and has since flourished into a thriving business driven by passion and perseverance, two things she’d always had. She spent years teaching hip-hop dance, claims that she could have been a professional drummer in another life, and loves rap music. After her self-proclaimed glory days teaching dance, she found herself with a salaried job and a 401k, and decided to trade both to fulfill a dream she’d been sitting on for over 10 years—starting her very own business.

With the support of her husband and the Nashville community around her, refinishing furniture in her garage transformed from a hobby to a full-fledged company she could call her own. Ginny named this new company OAK Nashville, or “One-of-A-Kind” Nashville, and began creating products that directly encompassed the name.

She began with $1,000 and put it all toward one full-page ad in a local magazine. According to Ginny, that was the best $1,000 she ever spent. That ad grew into something she had dreamed about for years. With a storefront in Nashville and an online store at everyone’s fingertips, Ginny was able to spread her passion and ideas to a wide audience seeking a variety of quality, affordable products. In addition to hand-poured candles, OAK Nashville also carries apparel, accessories, bath and body products, and even fun new additions to your bar cart at home.

As stated so inspiringly on the website, “the spaces you inhabit should be as unique as you are.” OAK Nashville creates truly one-of-a-kind items that help its customers reimagine and redefine their living spaces. Ginny and her team strive everyday to deliver those ideas to customers all over America through tangible, passionate products.

Ginny always aims to give back, so a portion of each candle sale is donated to local nonprofits. Although she used to choose where the money was donated, she now lets her team choose where they want to donate, so that each person can play a part in a philanthropy they’re passionate about.

She now runs her ever-growing company from her hometown in Nashville, with her two-in-one husband and best friend, and her bossy two-year-old, Maximus.