Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by advertisements for ‘quick-fix’ skin care products and regimes full of harsh chemicals. Looking for a healthier, more natural alternative, two Georgia women began asking the question, “Can we reproduce a healthy immune response without first injuring the skin?” After much research, the duo traded in their dermabrasion procedures and chemical peels for a line of skin care products they made to reflect the gentle, slow-and-steady pace of Southern life.

Inspired by the rising tides of creeks and rivers flowing through Savannah, Georgia, Stephanie Duttenhaver and Cindy Edwards created Sapelo, a skin care company that offers a “contemporary, twice-daily ritual that soothes and replenishes—bringing surges of nourishment and hydration for healthy cell development.” Just as the tides in their hometown gently rise in the morning and evening, so are their products used to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Heeding the lessons taught to them by Southern women, Stephanie and Cindy believe that skin should be treated gently and in unity with human body’s ability to heal and repair. Many modern treatments claim to have anti-aging properties, such as retinols, hydroxals, blue light, lasers, abrasions, peels and micro-needling. Stephanie and Cindy, however, have learned that these products actually damage the skin and exhaust cells’ ability to repair themselves. Their line of products is created in small batches and formulated to faithfully mimic the body’s natural healing process “by gently infusing healing peptides and molecules without inflammation.” Best of all, Sapelo products are formulated without fillers, silicones, parabens, sulfates, or petrochemicals and are cruelty free.

Follow Stephanie and Cindy’s advice and care for your skin the Southern way. There’s no chemical peel or laser treatment we’ve found on the market that can compare to the gentle products made by Sapelo!