As the daughter of a southern entrepreneur, Ashley Stamoulis developed a love for southern culture, small businesses, and giving back at a young age. Growing up  inspired Ashley to create SUTHINGIRL, a lifestyle brand, as a way to promote the southern makers she loves.

As an extension of her brand, Ashley curates SUTHINSTYLE BOX, a seasonal subscription box that features products with style and soul and celebrates the artists and makers behind each small business. Her quarterly boxes provide artisans an opportunity to share the magic of the South around the world.

The SUTHINSTYLE BOX is more than a box—Ashley’s love letter to the South. In her words, southern culture is inside of us, and we take it wherever we go. As Southerners, we are woven together by family, food, colloquialisms, experiences and history...for better or worse. I don't think you'll meet one of us who doesn't feel blessed to have been raised in the South.

Each day, Ashley says she finds inspiration from her heros - the people who, in spite of a challenge, stay optimistic, think of others, and simply do not give up. Ashley’s father was her very first hero and a man she said was no stranger to sacrifice and passion, kept her smiling, and never missed an opportunity to help those around him. As the mother of children with learning differences, Ashley also finds inspiration from the perseverance and positivity they possess.

Ashley uses that inspiration to make a difference in the lives of others. Not only does SUTHINSTYLE BOX support entrepreneurs, but it also allows purchasers to make an even greater impact through Ashley’s ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ initiative. 20 percent of each SUTHINSTYLE BOX is donated on behalf of the purchaser to nonprofits, including Education Cures, an Atlanta-based organization that provides teacher training and educational support in developing countries.

Ashley’s brand and seasonal boxes reflect her deep appreciation for her home and the people that make the South truly remarkable.