Southern Polished was born and raised in the South just like its founders. Having all graduated from an SEC university, and each of them possessing the passion and know-how to start a business, three Potter men started a shoe company.

Trent Potter, itching with entrepreneurial ambition from a young age, left his corporate job in 2012 to start Southern Polished. His brother and skilled artisan, Heath Potter, joined him shortly after, leaving his job as an educator to add his craftsmanship and attention to detail to the mix. Norman Potter, their father, gave up his post-military job as a Nashville-are corporate vice-president to truly transform it into a family business.

Two generations of Potters combined their business, artistic, and managerial experience and created Nashville’s newest high-quality shoemakers, with the intention of expanding their handcrafted, design-original sandals throughout the South--and the nation. The Potters’ extended family have links that can be traced as far back as 1705 throughout the American South, and they pride themselves on their Southern heritage and use it as a model for their business and products.

Southern Polished prides itself on creating not only unique, but extremely high-quality products for its customers in the South and nationwide. Each sandal is crafted with beautiful Tennessee tanned leather and Vibram rubber soles. Every pair is meticulously hand and machine stitched, internally as well so the strap never pulls loose. The Potters ensure that every pair you purchase from them will last for years.

There’s a product for everyone, with quality shoes for men and women, and fine leather accessories made with the same attention to detail and passion that’s seen in their shoes. Each style of shoe is named after a person or a city in the South, adding to their uniqueness and emphasizing the business’s birthplace.

Their emblem, a thoroughbred horse, represents everything on which the Potters built Southern Polished: Southern heritage, a deep commitment to superior quality, and the timeless and classic styling of every sandal made.

If you’re looking for a beautifully crafted product, born in the South, look no further than Southern Polished.