When Britt Adams founded Whitby, she had two things in mind -- luxury, and worldwide philanthropy. She created a line of high-end handbags that carry an enormous amount of philanthropic weight. Each bag is designed to tell a story -- a story of freedom and hope that you can carry with you every day.

With each purchase of a Whitby handbag, 15% is donated to one of five nonprofit partners dedicated to preventing the exploitation of the girls in each of their programs. Their partners, dedicated solely to this issue, are 410 Bridge, Sacred Valley Project, Destiny Rescue, Urban Light, and Preemptive Love Coalition. Each one of these organizations has a similar goal -- to use education to prevent the these girls from being exploited sexually, physically, or emotionally.

Education is proven to be the most effective prevention worldwide. Girls enrolled in school are five times less likely to be exploited, raped, or abused. Girls in Whitby’s Give Program receive one meal for every day of the school year. They also receive uniforms, which are costly, and often deter parents from sending their children to school.

Government-funded education does not exist in most of the developing world, and oftentimes families have to choose between putting food on the table and sending their children to school. Whitby and its partners address this problem by providing school tuition to the girls in their program. The average trafficking victim is 12 years old, which is why education is so important in preventing this issue.

The Codet Satchel collection at Whitby features something extra special as well. Each bag in the collection features the artwork of the girl whose education you are sponsoring through your purchase. Whitby encourages each customer to get acquainted with their stories, their countries, and their cultures.

Whitby does not pay for marketing like other businesses with philanthropic goals. Instead, it relies on its customers to spread the word and to market the product. Because of this, Whitby is able to give more than the average business. There is no middle-man, there is no price mark-up, so you know you’re doing the most good possible when you purchase a Whitby handbag.