Family is always a good thing to base your business around, and that’s just what Mary Beth and Sandi did when they started Wind Charmer. What started as a hobby, turned into a flourishing business before their eyes. Wind Charmer aims to capture the innocence, beauty, and wonder of childhood through the the dresses they create.

Love and family values were passed down through generations of their families, creating a strong foundation for their immediate families today. It really does take a village, which is why the family stays close to each other -- grandparents, in-laws, cousins, and everyone in between, are close by. The family bond started their business, and keeps it growing.

While their families have ups and down just like everyone’s, their love for each other and unending support makes it possible to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. They translate this idea into the dresses they make.

Each dress made is inspired by the makers’ own family, so you know there is love in every stitch. They know exactly what girls like, what they don’t like, what makes them feel special and confident, because they’re mothers of daughters themselves.

While family is certainly at the center of everything Wind Charmer does, they have chosen the hummingbird to represent them and the work that they do. A hummingbird will travel across vast landscapes, and even oceans, to find only the sweetest nectars of the Earth. In the same determined spirit, Wind Charmer goes through great lengths to ensure that every piece is made with love, and every customer is more than satisfied.

To Wind Charmer, watching a hummingbird fly represents being captivated by the small things, the fleeting moments, and the simple beauty of artistry. These are the things that make life worth living, and their dresses worth wearing.

Wind Charmer’s main goal as a business is to honor the past, while charming the present. With dresses as adorable and well-made as theirs, it’s impossible not to be charmed. They even have a blog, dedicated to sharing their favorite recipes and stories behind each design, from their family to yours.